What makes me different?

If you're looking into services like mine, you likely already have decided you need a private college counselor or independent educational consultant to help guide this process.
Here are a few reasons you might choose me specifically.

  • I focus specifically on the essay portion of the application. While I do have experience in admissions and in evaluating fellowship applications, my passion and expertise lie in writing and in teaching writing. Essays are valuable tools in an application both to demonstrate individuality and to explain possible inconsistencies in the rest of the student's application, and as schools move away from mandatory standardized testing this year, the essay portion will hold even more weight. Having someone who knows how to coach student writing is more important than ever--and if students already know where they're applying, this focused approach might provide more value than a full coaching package.
  • I'm results-based, which means that I don't ask for you to sign on to an hourly rate when we can't possibly know the number of hours we'll need. We agree on what I am there to help with, and I take as much time as is needed for that to get done. I'd never want to set a family back because their student wants to take extra time on excellence, or overcharge someone who writes exceptionally quickly.
  • I offer a unique wait-list guarantee. Though there are few promises in this process, I fully believe that good writing can be the extra push an applicant needs--and so I will help any student I coach who is waitlisted at one of their dream schools to write a letter of continued interest to their admissions team, free of charge.
  • This is my job. I write. I spend all of my work hours either working on writing of my own, or coaching others on theirs. I am familiar with the writing process first-hand, and can work through many of the frustrations that come with essay-writing right beside students because I've been there myself. I'm a voracious reader who is familiar with the conventions of language on both an academic and a personal level, and I have a natural eye for the written word. And because this isn't a side-hustle for me, I have a totally flexible schedule, making it easier for both of us to fit your coaching into the busy senior year.
  • I am fully willing to customize according to your needs, both as relates to writing and budget. I know this is an expensive process, and I want to make it work for you. Whenever you're ready to talk about how I can best help make your essays shine, just fill out this contact form and I'll be in touch. Whether or not we decide we're a good fit for each other, I'd love to talk about your next steps in this process over a free 20-minute consultation call.
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