Coaching Scholarships

Passionate students deserve higher education. Lack of connection to resources through the college application process should not prevent students from achieving their academic dreams.

In an effort to make the college admissions process more accessible to marginalized communities, I am offering no fewer than ten scholarships for essay coaching this year. These will be for one-hour coaching calls for the college-related essay of the student's choice, either an initial brainstorming session or a review of a finished essay draft.

This scholarship is designed for students who identify as part of a marginalized community, who are driven and excited about the college experience, and who feel they would benefit from coaching in a way that they currently do not have access to. All minority experiences are welcome, including (but not limited to) those of gender and sexuality diversity; disability; race, ethnicity, and religious background; and first-generation college students. If you have questions regarding eligibility, I highly encourage you to apply anyway--but I am also happy to answer them through my general contact form.

Unlike the regular contact information form, which can be filled out by either parent or student, the student applying for the scholarship must fill out the below form themselves. Applications are evaluated for need and for willingness to engage in a collaborative coaching process--In the end, I don't care about your current grades, but I do care about your enthusiasm and ambition! Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through September 15th.

Scholarship Application Form

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