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I know college applications are an expensive process! I work with families to find the package that is best for them. For the most part, I don't believe in hourly pricing—local essay coaches charge anywhere from $80-$400 an hour, and it's impossible to predict how much time a student will need to write their best possible essay. I quote rates based on what we're going to accomplish together, not how long it will take. You can read more about my policies and how I work here.

My rates are sliding scale and will depend on the students' preparedness, the essay length, etc. All examples below are just that, and I can alter any option to fit your needs. Though I've used the Common App main essay as an example in most cases, I'm happy to work on scholarship and fellowship application essays, supplemental essays, etc. and change rates accordingly.  I am committed to increasing equity in the college application process, and invite you to include anything you think I should know about your unique situation on the information form.

Because I work on an end product-based model instead of an hourly one, I accept a limited number of students. I recommend we get in touch as soon as possible, even if we might not start our work together immediately. Rush prices will go into effect for any student joining after Oct 15.

Additionally, I will offer a number of free coaching sessions to those from marginalized and disadvantaged backgrounds, and invite any eligible student to apply for a coaching scholarship through September 15.

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single developmental

Single Developmental Session
The student and I discuss why they're a spectacular candidate and figure out how to best communicate that in response to an essay prompt. We brainstorm, create an outline together, and make a strategy for their writing going forward.
RATE: 50-70 range. Additional review quoted after first session, if desired.
GREAT FIT FOR: Students who think they have nothing to say (never true); students with too-many-ideas syndrome; students intimidated by a blank page; students who write great academic essays but struggle to get their voice on paper; students who are great writers once they get started, but want a bit of direction


Single Review Session
Students share their essay draft or detailed outline. Through a meeting and an editorial letter, we discuss the essay's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement, and create a strategy for their revisions going forward. Optional add-on of notes on grammar, spelling, and other linguistic details.
RATE: For a complete draft of a common app-length essay without editorial notes,  65-90 range. Additional review quoted after first session, if desired.
GREAT FIT FOR: Students with an essay they're almost happy with who want to make it shine; students whose writing doesn't always communicate what they mean to, students who work well on their own but aren't sure when an essay is "done"


By Application
*****Most popular option!*****
We get one specific essay (common app, fellowship, supplemental etc.) in the best possible shape. We work until it’s done, start-to-finish. From brainstorming and outlining to the final touches, I am available to talk it out and look at drafts at every stage. I help you set and meet deadlines and achieve your goals. Unlimited emailing; calls as often as weekly.
RATE: On average, about 2/3 of the max. word-count of the essay in question—for the 650-word Common App, this amounts to $430—but varies based on needs
GREAT FIT FOR: students with big ambitions, students who know the rest of their application is in great shape who want to be sure their essay reflects that, students who know the rest of their application doesn’t fully represent them who want to fill in the gaps, students who think “I have nothing interesting to say” (you do), students who want an extra edge on scholarships or the essay(s) for their dream school(s)


Full Coaching
Limited availability
Booked in two week increments, I am "on retainer" for any college essay-related question. We can talk about anything regarding the admissions process, and I’ll look at as many drafts as you wish of as many essays as you’re writing and discuss them by phone. What gets done depends on your needs and your drive.
RATE: Sliding scale--must book consultation call
GREAT FIT FOR: students with big ambitions, students who have a high number of supplemental essays to work on, students who need an extra hand with accountability and time management, students who like to strategize, families seeking a “college counselor” experience, overwhelmed parents


This year, I am also available on a limited basis to work with students wishing to work on other specific projects or to improve essay-writing skills in general. I am also open to teaching small groups virtually. Please contact me with more information on what I can help with!

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