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Your application should tell the whole story.

Having worked in college admissions and recruitment for three years, I remember which application essays got the whole office talking... and I also know which topics are overplayed, uninteresting, and unlikely to stand out. Combined with a year teaching personal essay writing on the university level—not to mention two graduate degrees of my own!—I know how to coach writers into crafting essays that shine.

Admissions counselors go through thousands of applications a year, each set of scores and extracurriculars not too different from the next. Essays are often the only chance you get to show that you, as an individual, have really got something special going on. When other applications show similar grades, an essay can make sure you stand out as an incredible human—and if the rest of the application isn’t representing you completely, an essay can prove you’re someone your dream school has to have on campus.

I find the stories you want to tell through supportive, stress-free conversation, and I help shape them into narratives once the ideas start to flow. I encourage you to be your best and truest self. I want my funny students to be funny, and my insightful ones to blow some minds. Whether we start at “I just need a pair of knowledgeable eyes on this” or “I have no idea what I'm doing”, I know where we'll end up: an essay that tells your dream school who you are in a way that’s memorable, compelling, and full of authentic personality.


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